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Welcome to HHED 2019

Helen Clare and Andrea Blair welcome you to the Happy Healthy Education Conference, 2019!
Andrea Blair & Helen Clare


Keynote: Introduction to Children and Young People’s Mental Health

Children and young people’s mental health is everybody’s business and having an awareness of mental health issues enables us to better identify and support children and young people in need. This presentation will enable participants from a wide range of backgrounds to: Identify early mental health risk factors and consider ways in which to reduce further risk and build resilience; promote the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people.
Charlotte Levene



Useful Psychology Performance Workshop

An interactive, performance based workshop! Emily will present a scene between a young person affected by CSE and a youth worker, in which the youth worker initially gets it wrong using a range of common, well intentioned mistakes. The scene will then be replayed, with the input of science. Suitable for youth workers, parents and teachers, wanting to learn more about Dr Jane’s psychological approach to handling difficult situations with young people.
Dr Emily Jane

Mindfulness: Changing the Weather in the Staffroom and the Classroom

Bringing Mindfulness to young people and those who care for them. What Mindfulness is and isn’t, why you might want to introduce Mindfulness at school/college (and at home) and how best to do this.
Ben Chalwin of Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP)

Yoga and mindfulness in the Primary School

Helen will lead you through simple, practical ways to begin to teach yoga and mindfulness throughout the day in the Primary School setting. Suitable to anyone interested in learning more about yoga and it’s benefits at school, you’ll leave with a new enthusiasm to share yoga in your school, with a simple toolkit to start to implement.

Helen Clare of Class Yoga

Emotional Logic

Emotional Logic is a conversational technique that you can learn to help you move forward when you are feeling stuck in a particular emotional state such as anger, guilt, anxiety or depression. Emotional Logic is your inbuilt capacity for one emotion to evolve constructively into another as you adjust to change in different ways. Emotional Logic gives you a structured way to understand the useful purposes of emotions, improved choice and stronger decision-making, leading to personal development of resilience and character.
Christiaan Stirling of Emotional Logic


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Social media and mental health

For anyone wanting to understand more about young people’s use of social media and the impact this may have on their mental health and wellbeing, this workshop introduces some practical considerations. As the first generation to grow up using technology as a primary means of socialisation and communication, young people today face new pressures and challenges that those working with and supporting them would benefit from understanding, in order to offer effective support.
Charlotte Levene of Young Minds

Connecting with Coaching in the Classroom

The classroom can be an intimidating and daunting place for many children, with self-imposed limiting beliefs playing a significant part. Left unchallenged, limiting beliefs about learning can undermine aspiration and lead to low academic attainment. In this workshop, Ron shares the effective, low-cost method of bringing coaching into the classroom, enabling classroom coaching cultures. Learn a coach-styled way of speaking and behaving, which will significantly impact pupils’ behaviour and speech and consequently, their learning.
Ron Piper of Ron Piper Coaching and Training

Mindfulness through Art and Stories for Wellbeing

An outdoor exploration to find a mindful state of presence and peace, through art and story. Join Annie on this practical, artistic and creative workshop to gain new insights into how we can raise wellbeing in children through artistic creativity.
Artist and author Annie B

Panel Discussion: Yoga & within SEN Provision

Join Bess Ravell Child Yoga Therapist at Pencalenick School & Vicki Tremayne, Trauma informed Schools Practitioner at Pencalenick School for an indepth discussion of yoga within Special Education Needs provision.
Bess Ravell & Vicki Tremayne




Keynote: Mindfulness & Surfing

Sam will give his perspective on how surfing is mindfulness, that not only allows us to find stillness and calm within, but connects us to the environment around us. This connection can be found in many activities that involve movement and the outdoors, offering us presence and joy through focussed activity and engagement.

Sam Bleakley



Early Years

For anyone working with children in a primary or nursery setting, this workshop will explore behaviour and mental health, in the context of child development, and offer insight into support that we may be able to offer children who we are worried about.
Charlotte Levene of Young Minds

Expert Panel Discussion: Yoga in Schools

Join Dr Tim Cook, Principal at Liskeard Academy, Ben Chalwin of MiSP, Arran Langdon, Primary PE and Wellbeing Lead, Camelford Primary School, & Netia Mayman, Ofsted Inspector turned Yoga Teacher, as they discuss the methods and impacts of bring yoga into the school environment.
Dr Tim Cook, Ben Chalwin, Arran Langdon & Netia Mayman

The Wellbeing Within

In contrast to wellbeing, resilience and confidence being something to build or fix, Vicky will guide us in uncovering the innate wellbeing, resilience and confidence that always exists within us all. Identifying what can take us away from our core of innate wellbeing, can enable us to gain more insight around children and ourselves. Understanding wellbeing in this way can help to harmonise relationships with others and build a more peaceful relationship towards ourselves.
Vicky Otter of Innate Connection

Trust and Relationship

An interactive workshop, full of trust-building practical exercises and relationship developing awareness and skills.
BF Adventure


Coffee Break



Yoga for teen trauma

Yoga has an incredible capacity to heal - both physical and emotional trauma. Join Charlotta for this insightful workshop to learn more about how yoga can achieve healing for young people and practical things you can start to implement.
Charlotta Martinus of TeenYoga

Virtues in Education

An introduction to empowering strategies of virtues in everyday life, using specific language to build trust, increase hope, engagement and self-esteem. This session gives us time to reflect on our own character and strengths that we have and need to develop, to give us a better understanding of how working with virtues can enable children to tap in to their own strengths. Ultimately enabling children to face some of life’s challenges with a stronger sense of self belief.
Shona Pye of Virtues In Education

Outdoor Learning

Spending time in nature is essential for our wellbeing – and has benefits for children’s mental and physical health and on the quality of their learning and social skills. Eden has been working with schools from across Cornwall to get real curriculum learning happening outside. We understand the barriers, and the benefits. You’ll leave this practical outdoor session with a whole package of possibilities, with your pockets full of easy-win outdoor learning ideas, and maybe with some mud under your fingernails…
Sam Kendall Education Manager, Eden Project


Join Mark as he discusses wellbeing provision techniques in schools via the Thrive Method.
Mark Sanders Barwick


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